Scrum Master Interview Questions



Do you get anxious before the interview or do you get excited? Here are a few items to help you be more prepared.

When you are just starting as a Scrum Master, the type of questions you will get will mostly be about Scrum Theory. Definitely read the Scrum Guide again before the interview!

The interviewers will also ask behavioral questions. Even though you haven’t worked as a Scrum Master before, think about situations (at school or in a previous job) where you had to :

  • deal with conflict
  • explained something in a unique way
  • what challenges you faced, how did you overcome it

Some companies still ask these questions:

  • what are your 3 top strengths
  • what are your 3 top weaknesses
  • who are YOU? (basically, prepare a few minutes speech about you and relate it to why you are a good fit to the role of a Scrum Master, and rehearse that pitch)

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep beforehand!